Course fees

non refundable (if cancelling less than 10 working days) deposits are required to book all courses

From the 3rd April the DVLA will need 10 days notice for cancellations, therefore we will not be able to be as flexible for the mod 1 and 2 tests, but will endeavor to do our best to work within this restriction, this will effect all schools.

You will be fully insured (3rd party) however you are responsible for the first £250.00. Waiver insurance can be purchased for as little as £5.00 per day.

CBT £110.00

Includes bike hire, fuel, insurance, protective clothing (limited) and certificate on successful completion.

£95.00 if own bike is used must have appropriate insurance MOT and road legal bike. MOT and insurance must be shown on the day.

If not successful on the day, return fee first time £35.00, terms and conditions apply.

Return fee second time is the original fee.

Private one to one lessons can be arranged £20.00 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours.

DAS Module 1

Our mod 1 package consists of 1 day training, test day half day (weather permitting) and test fee. £260.00.   We require a £85.00 deposit 

If you are new to biking your may need additional days training, this can be discussed with your instructor.

Due to the nature of our bikes, height restrictions may apply

Module 2

Our mod 2 package is £460.00.  This is for 2 whole days training, test day and test fee.  £145 deposit is required for booking Mod 2

Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE if cancelled less than 10 working days notice before training day. They can be paid using the links on our payments page.

The fee includes insurance, ppe , bike hire, and fuel

Gear Conversion 

This course is aimed at people who have been riding an automatic and would like to move onto gears.  It usually takes around 2 hours the fee is £40.00 this is an off road course.

Advance / Back to Biking

Flat fee of £150.00 must have own bike, equipment.  This is a day long course.


Module 1 re-test £145.00

Module 2 re-test £160.00

Instructor Courses

£700.00 spread over  5 days  all training aides supplied. Lunch included.  You must have had an A licence for over 3 years.  Be able to demonstrate U turn, figure of 8 etc.