A1, A2, A (DAS -Direct Access Scheme)

To gain one or more of the above licences you must have a current CBT certificate (DL196) and successfully sit a theory test. This is a multiple choice questionnaire which if studied shouldn't be too difficult to pass you can practice your theory test here

In broad terms A1 licence is a light motorcycle 125cc or below. (from age 17+)

An A2 licence is a mid weight licence this usually means 500cc. (from age 19+)

An A (DAS) licence is any size i.e. there are no restrictions. (from age 24, unless A2 licence is achieved before age 24)

These licences involve almost identical test procedures. As previously mentioned, a theory test and current DL196/CBT must be to hand.  You can book your theory test here

DAS Course - A licence

Module 1 consists of a series of various exercises conducted in an area specifically designed for slow and high speed manoeuvers this test lasts about 15 minutes. Our mod 1 course is one day training at East Kirkby on the runway so plenty of space to practice then an additional day testing at Kings Lynn or Peterborough subject to availability.  Riding to the test centre from Wrangle, Boston (weather permitting) this helps the trainee relax and settle in before the test.

Module 2 is the on road element. Our mod 2 course is two whole days on road in and around Boston and a then testing on another day at the Boston test centre.

This test allows you to demonstrate your machine control in addition to your roadcraft. You are in radio contact throughout (one way) and usually lasts around 45 minutes.  Testing in Boston.