Your first step to riding

We have three CBT sites. Training at East Kirkby Old runway PE23 4BP. In the heart of the delightful Lincolnshire countryside. 30 mls from Lincoln, 13 from Boston, 17.5 miles from Skegness. Our other CBT sites are in Central Boston at the Peter Paine Sports Centre PE21 7QR and Kirton Middlecott Sports Centre PE20 1JS,  East Kirkby is used for autos and geared bikes. Boston & Kirton autos and own bikes only.

Training is conducted in a controlled and safe environment at both sites. All training is conducted by myself.

CBT -Compulsory Basic Training

CBT was devised back in 1990 to reduce the number of two wheeled accidents. The CBT was never meant to be a one day test. The idea behind it was to emphasize the training part of it, meaning if for some reason it couldn't be completed on the first day you could return to complete it. So just to reiterate the CBT is an assessment, not a test, meaning mistakes can be made (as long as they rectified and not life threatening) similarly like a car driving lesson, you may re-book if you aren't successful or if you feel you're not ready. (To train with Motorcycle Training 101 You must be able to ride a bicycle before you can take a CBT, there is also a height restriction for health and safety reasons, 5 foot 6 inches for the 125cc geared bikes).

On the day of your CBT your documents will be checked ( your licence must be shown NOT a copy or a photo) and an eyesight test will be conducted (bring your glasses if needed). A brief safety talk will ensure followed by an introduction to the bike, this will include how various controls work and the manner we use them. We then start the basic training in which there will be theory, demonstrations and of course your own practice. These exercises are designed to build confidence and skill. Once satisfied that you have reached the required standard you will have a detailed road briefing thus allowing you to demonstrate your skills on the public road . This road ride will last for 2 hours plus, with a few breaks to explain parts of the ride that may need improving.

After successful completion you will be issued a DL196 (CBT certificate) this will allow you to ride up to 50cc with a max of 3 bhp if you are 16.

At 17 + you may ride up to a 125cc with a max of 14.6 bhp .

You must display L plates (front & rear), no passengers and no motorways. The CBT (DL196) will last for two years, if after that time you wish to continue riding you will have to re-new it.


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